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●  Increase Strength
●  Reduce Anxiety
●  Gain Confidence
●  Increase Energy
“Kathleen is such an encouragement, and she motivates me to stay fit.  I love the way I feel after I’ve done one of her classes, and my body is becoming lean and toned. I definitely see results!!”

Kathleen Grace MacPhee

Founder of Kathleen Grace Fitness

If you lack motivation, energy, or accountability this season, my Barre workouts are FOR YOU! My Barre program will help you gain strength, get motivated to workout and feel great physically and mentally!

My name is Kathleen MacPhee from Prince Edward Island, and I love being able to help women from PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and all across Canada become stronger and more confident through Pilates and Barre fitness online. I’m a certified Pilates and Barre workouts instructor with specialization in Injured and Special Populations, ZenGa (fascial fitness), and pre & postnatal fitness.

As a mom of 4 young kids, I know all too well the struggle of finding time and motivation to exercise. That’s why I’ve created this workout video for you! Give Barre a try! I’m so excited to help you find time to exercise, stay motivated, and feel your best!

My workouts are designed to help busy Canadian women just like you feel great, have fun and increase your physical and mental wellness. I am so excited to guide you through this workouts!

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💗 Kathleen

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FREE 15-Minute Barre Session!


“I loved the variety, attention to detail, and fun in Kat’s classes. It was important for me to find a high-quality level of instruction for Pilates, and I found it with Kat!”
“Kathleen’s fun and natural teaching style make her classes approachable yet challenging! I’m hooked!”
“I’m just loving the classes.  And the difference in my jellyfish core.  You wouldn’t believe it!  I don’t look like I am pregnant anymore!!! Thank you so much!””
“Keeping my core strong has been essential for me. After having children, my core needed a lot of rehabilitation and I was incredibly fortunate to have Kathleen in my corner. Would highly recommend her!”
“Kathleen is by far the best I have seen. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to make the best investment into their health to work with her.”
“Perfect for giving me a start back into exercise, AND they gave me more energy and confidence to keep going.”

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