4 life-changing benefits of having a stronger core

So You Can Be The Best Version Of You, For Your Family, Work, And Well… You!

As a busy woman over 30, you’ve probably noticed some physical changes in your body, changes that should never weigh you down.  You can still be the strongest version of yourself, it just takes some time and consistency.  So, what are the benefits to gaining a stronger core that will change your life? Well, let me tell you…

1. Improve your quality of life.

Do you want to be able to lift your child up with ease? Or load your groceries into the car without a concern?  Every bend and twist comes from your core.  When you improve your core strength all your daily tasks will become easier!

2. Age well.

Having a strong core helps with balance, which becomes more important as we get older!  Kids fall over all the time and pretty much bounce right off the floor to return to their task, but alas, the ageing body doesn’t quite have the same bounce-ability 😉  Keep your core strong and you will be able to handle potential falls gracefully.  

3  Keeping up.  

Forget keeping up with the Jones’s, but what about keeping up with your kids and grandkids!  Or your friends out cycling or hiking?  A stronger core gives you better endurance and performance for physical tasks like that.

4. Be happier. 

If all the above reasons don’t make you happy, well exercise in itself will!  Exercise is strongly linked to improving mental health. Did you know that people who exercise regularly each month report 1.5 fewer days of poor mental health each month – a reduction of 43.2% compared to people who did not exercise?

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