Muscle Atrophy (Muscle Loss)

Did you know that it only takes 2 weeks of time off training to experience muscle atrophy(loss)?

And that it only takes 3-4 weeks of detraining for your endurance performance, flexibility and VO2max (cardiorespiratory fitness) to suffer?

Well that’s the bad news over with! 😅The good news is…

If you are returning from an exercise habit, you have “muscle memory” on your side. 🧬

Not the kind that helps you remember how to ride a bike, but the stored “memory” in your cells. From the Journal of Experimental Biology “This memory might be very long lasting in humans, as myonuclei are stable for at least 15 years and might even be permanent.” 🎉

This means that if you have done any training in the past, your muscle cells know what to do and won’t take as long to get strong as someone who has never trained. For a lot of you that’s great news!!

One study even showed that after 6 months off, participants were able to regain their strength in less than half the time that it originally took them!
👉 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1827108/

So may this be an reminder or encouragement for you to:

A) Take no longer than 2 weeks off your training if possible…

B) If you have taken longer than 2 weeks off… don’t be discouraged! It is never too late to get back on the fitness wagon and you are going to have faster results if you’ve trained in the past. 💪 💗

Taking care of your health is always worth it, even if it feels like it’s been too long, or you’re too far gone. It’s NEVER TOO LATE. 🙌

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