4 Things I’ve Learned Running This Year

It’s my 2 year “runniversary” and here’s what I have learned this year!

Every year I learn a little bit more, and I like to share what I learn with you in case you’re a new runner or wanting to start!

1. Getting your body used to running takes TIME.⏳

One might even say it’s a marathon not a sprint. 😉 Your easy slow runs are so important to help build up your bodies ability to run, whether that’s your tissues adapting to the impact and time on your feet, or your lungs and hearts ability to do their thang… it is only something that will come easily with patience and time.  

You know how running feels REALLY hard when you first start (or maybe still?) Good chance is that it’s because your body just isn’t well adapted to it yet.  

So my encouragement is to be patient, stick with it, keep doing your easy runs slow.  However hard it may feel when you’re running… tell yourself that it’s only temporary and it will get easier!! 

2. Keep doing your speed work!  

1-2 runs per week should have some “speed” in them. This could be 200 m, 400 m, or mile repeats.  It all depends on what you’re training for.  If you haven’t followed a plan online there are loads of free ones (no I don’t have one sorry!).  This helps your legs (and lungs/heart) to get used to faster paces, which will help you in your next race!  

It’s important not to over-do your interval work, as in doing too much of it, but it’s also important to give it your best effort when you do!  Make it count! 😤

3. Sign up for races!🎽  

This is so good for keeping you motivated to show up for your running program.  Having a deadline for something is pretty much how all humans operate best, so give yourself some training parameters by signing up for races! 

It’s also the MOST fun atmosphere… They’re basically just a big party (except everyone is sober and has coffee breath 😆) with a bunch of people who love the same thing you do and are there to support and encourage!  Races are also a good way to measure your progress!

4. Strength train.🏋️‍♀️  

Ok, so I didn’t learn this this year but I had to include it. 🤪 I’ve always known that runners should cross-train by doing strength and mobility work BUT, I have experienced that it is WORKING.  
The reason I know it’s working for me is that I’m continuing to improve my paces and I’m not getting injured. Statistically I’m beating the odds – which vary, but some studies say as high as 79% of runners get injured yearly. 😯

So thankfully, Pilates and Strength work have been keeping my joints and muscles prepared for what they’re doing.  Do your cross training every week – it’s SO important! 

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